Hitchin Hedgehog Care is a small-scale wild hedgehog treatment, care and rehabilitation unit taking in sick, injured, orphaned or otherwise compromised hedgehogs from the local area: our catchment area is within a 10-mile radius of Hitchin. We have been taking in hedgehogs since 2008.

Hedgehogs are brought in by members of the public who have found them in need of help. This could be anything from being out during the daytime (usually a sign of illness or injury), being trapped in things e.g. nets/fences/drains, falling into ponds or pools, being attacked by another animal (usually a dog), being hit by a vehicle, being injured by strimmers/mowers, poisoning… (the list is endless) or it may be a young hedgehog found in the autumn that is too small to survive the winter in the wild.


No charge is made for taking in a hedgehog although donations are of course welcomed.


New arrivals are assessed and veterinary attention is sought if necessary. We will then provide ongoing treatment and care. When the hedgehog is fully recovered it will be released back to the wild, if at all possible this will be to the same area that it was found.

We have increased our intake and our fundraising. Hedgehog care is expensive; our costs include but are not limited to: vet bills and medications, food (including specialist food for sick or very young hedgehogs), feeding bowls, cages/hutches/runs, heat pads, cleaning and disinfection products, gloves, syringes, waste disposal.

Although the rescue is on the list of hedgehog carers maintained by the British Hedgehog Preservation Society we are not affiliated to them and they do not fund our work. We are dependent on public donations, either of money or of supplies. Please see our support page for ways that you can help. 

Hitchin Hedgehog Care is recognised by HMRC as a charity for tax purposes.