General advice, information and FAQs


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I would like to feed the hedgehogs in my garden, what can I give them?

The best foods for wild hedgehogs are complete foods such as meat-based cat or kitten biscuits, hedgehog biscuits and/or meaty wet cat or dog food. Fresh water, in a shallow heavy dish, is also vital. Never feed bread or milk which are very bad for them. Mealworms, sunflower hearts and peanuts can also be bad for them as they have the wrong balance of nutrients which can lead to a condition known as 'metabolic bone disease' and it is better not to offer them.


I think there is a nest of baby hedgehogs in my garden, what should I do?

If mum is attending to the babies you should do nothing and leave them well alone. If mum or the nest is disturbed she might abandon or even kill her babies. If you think that something has happened to the mum or that she has abandoned the nest please observe from a safe distance, keeping as quiet as possible, to see if she returns. If she does not return after 2 hours contact us or anothe rescue for advice.


There are no hedgehogs visiting my garden, can you give me one?

No. Rescues will only release hedgehogs to places where there are hedgehogs already, if there are none there may be a good reason and hedgehogs, although generally solitary, need other hedgehogs, of their own choosing, to mate with. You can encourage hedgehogs into your garden by making sure there is access i.e. that you and your neighbours have holes in any fences, walls etc., by providing suitable nesting places and materials (woodpiles, leaf piles, overgrown areas and so on that are left undisturbed) and by putting out food and water for them.


I have an enclosed garden and would like to give a home to a disabled hedgehog

This policy of this rescue is not to keep disabled hedgehogs in enclosed gardens. The reasons are explained here.