The rescue is permanently closed but if you have found a hedgehog in need of help

please follow these steps:


Hedgehogs should not be out during the day.

If a hedgehog is out in the daytime and/or is not moving, is injured or appears unwell:


  • Pick it up gently – use gloves – place in a high-sided box with newspaper on the bottom;

  • Keep it warm;

  • Cover the hedgehog with an old towel/tea towel/t-shirt or similar. This will help to keep it warm and to minimise stress;

  • Put it somewhere quiet – not outdoors as there is a risk of flystrike - and call a rescue for help. 


  • British Hedgehog Preservation Society  01584 890 801 can give you advice and contact numbers for local carers. You can also look on the map at

  • If no carer is available please take the hedgehog to a vet. If you are unable to get to a vet please call the RSPCA 24-hr emergency line  0300 1234 999.


  • If the hedgehog has flies, fly eggs or maggots on it or is bleeding or is making a noise this is an urgent emergency so please get help for it as quickly as possible.


  • If you find a nest of baby hedgehogs please do not touch it but call one of the numbers above for advice.


  • If a hedgehog is entangled it will need to be checked and monitored. Please do not simply cut it free and let it go even if it seems unhurt; follow the procedure above.


Hedgehogs need to have enough body fat to survive hibernation. In late autumn hedgehogs that are too small to hibernate need to be taken into care. If you find a hedgehog, at any time of day or night, from late October onwards, that is smaller than a grapefruit, please contact a local carer for advice.